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Generic Base Layers

EMODNet Physics Platform
Platforms providing a physical parameter for Baltic sea basin
EMODNet Bathymetry
Source Metadata
The Baltic Sea Bathymetry Database (BSBD) gathers and distribute water depth data — bathymetry — for the areas of the Baltic Sea countries
EMODNet Geology
Source Metadata
Seabed substrate map of the European marine areas
HELCOM Natura 2000 sites
Source Metadata
This layer is a compilation dataset based on the Naturasite100K feature dataset and merged 30 meter buffers of NaturasiteLine, NaturaSiteMultipoint & NaturaSitePoint
Baltic sea Basin
Source Metadata
World seas represents the boundaries for the major oceans and seas of the world
Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
An exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is a sea zone prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea over which a state has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources

Challenge 1: Wind Farm Siting

HBM circulation model data set
Bottom Salinity
Surface Salinity
Bottom Temperature
Surface Temperature
Surface Currents U component
Surface Currents V component
Water level
HIRLAM weather model data set
Specific Humidity
Cloud Water
Wind, U component
Wind, V component
Air Density
WAM surface wave model data set
Significant Wave height of Swell
Significant Wave height of Total Sea (Wind Sea + Swell)
Significant Wave height of Wind Sea
Mean Period (Energy Period) of Swell
Mean Period (Energy Period) of Total Sea (Wind Sea + Swell)
Mean Period (Energy Period) of Wind Sea
Peak Period

Challenge 2: Marine Protected Areas

Challenge 3: Oil platform leak

Oil platform leaks challenge page

Challenge 4: Climate change

Challenge 5: Coastal Protection

Sea level trends

Challenge 6: Fisheries Management

Challenge 7: Fisheries impact

Challenge 8: Eutrophication

Challenge 9: River input Baltic Sea

River input Baltic Sea

Challenge 10: Bathymetry


Challenge 11: Alien species


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