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Baltic Sea Checkpoint

The proposed approach is, through demonstrating how data (mainly in-situ, incl. satellite and model when necessary) is fit-for-purpose in 11 challenge areas, examine the availability, accessibility, uncertainty and adequacy of the data, especially from EMODNET thematic database and Copernicus marine data e.g. MyOcean. The project is divided into 17 Work Packages (WPs), including 11 challenge area WPs, Portal WP13, Literature review WP1, Data adequacy report WP 15, Panel organization WP14 and Stakeholder workshop WP16 and Project Management WP17.

The 11 expert teams will work on the 11 challenge areas, to demonstrate how the marine data is used to fit the purpose of stakeholder needs, as stated in the Call. At the same time, they will further examine the gaps of data availability, accessibility and uncertainty.